The Party Game of Ridiculous Reboots!

Tap into your twisted creativity and unleash the ultimate cinematic chaos with Made Up Movies.

It's a game that will have you rolling on the floor, improvising like a comedic genius, and battling it out to create the most batshit crazy movie pitches ever.

Witness the insanity as your best friend pitches a romantic comedy version of Jaws set in a bird's nest with Nicolas Cage as the lead.

Game night just got awesome.


Funded on Kickstarter

Meet David and Chenzy, the dynamic duo behind Made Up Movies. Friends and filmmakers, they joined forces after meeting on a Hollywood set as assistants. Their creativity and passion led them to make this game, and with the help of friends and family, they skyrocketed to success on Kickstarter, raising over $25,000!



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What's in the box?

The game includes:

  • 350+ Cards
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Movie cards
  • Star cards
  • Genre cards
  • Setting cards
  • Studio Executive cards
  • Budget cards
  • Universal Pitch Template card
  • One-minute sand timer

Laugh-Out-Loud Movie Reboot Madness

Fun for all

Made Up Movies is a game for both movie lovers and non-movie lovers alike. We set out to make a game for ourselves and our friends and we ended up with a game that we believe almost anyone can enjoy.

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Two Games In One. Infinite Options. Maximum Value!

Unlock double the fun with two ways to play! Inside the instructions, you'll discover not just one, but two exciting versions of the game. The improv-style main game and a Cards Against Humanity-style alternative version of the game in which one player is an Executive and others pitch their ideas for the perfect (or most ridiculous) movie reboot.


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